The Southwark Mysteries
The Southwark Mysteries
The Southwark Mysteries
The Southwark Mysteries
The Southwark Mysteries
The Southwark Mysteries
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Inspired by the medieval mystery plays, which adapted Bible stories to their own time and place, the The Southwark Mysteries by John Constable is a modern drama rooted in the history of Bankside (London's "outlaw borough") fusing traditional elements with local folklore and contemporary humour.

The strory begins when Jubilee Line tunnellers dig up the Cross Bones burial ground (which really happened), inadvertently raising the spirits of The Goose (a 13th century whore) and John Crow (a trickster heretic)...

The play was first performed in Shakespeare’s Globe and Southwark Cathedral on Easter Sunday, 23rd April 2000. Exactly ten years on, a new production was staged in Southwark Cathedral featuring professional actors, an adult community cast and three school groups.

This photo album pieces together a full theatrical performance from four nights at Southwark Cathedral on 21-24 April 2010. Read the review in The Times.


Filming restrictions during public shows means the majority of photos are from the dress rehearsal on 21 April. There was however one scene where cameras were incorporated into the play itself, presenting a golden opportunity to snap the stage-eye view. Rising to the challenge, videographer Zoe Young and I became actors in pursuit of The Image... paparazzi devils in pursuit of The Goose! To stay in character without distraction in front of 400 people, I followed Lomography rules and shot from the hip... hence some of the framing and blurring (did I mention that candles formed part of the stage lighting :)

Many thanks to Nadja Niemann and YeeLei Sheng for filling the many gaps with additional photos. Much love and respect to the cast and crew... you're awesome!

In honour of Goose and Crow =)