This site uses the excellent open-source Zenphoto software with customised templates based on Vincent Bourganel's zpBootstrap theme. This site has been designed to work with all common web browsers, mobile devices and desktops. Many features require Javascript and some require cookies (they usually enabled on browsers unless you've actively switched them off).


The image gallery is organised as a hierarchical set of album and photo pages which can be accessed using either the folder selector or by progressively clicking through the levels of thumbnail images on the main page. Use the navigation buttons at the top of the pages to move about. The show button opens the album or image in a full-screen capable slideshow that is ideal for smartphones.

Top level albums in the hierarchy represent the main photo shoot categories and are usually arranged by event and/or date. The Portfolios album contains collections of images from elsewhere in the gallery arrange according to themes. Registered users may see additional albums once they login.

For an introductory tour through the gallery, visit the portfolio albums.

Useful Tips

  • Put your browser into Full Screen mode (press F11 on most Windows browsers; press again to restore normal mode) - this may help to fit the photo pages onto your screen.
  • Click on the more information link at the bottom of album and photo pages to reveal additional details such as date, description, and location. Click the link again to hide them.
  • Collections such as the portfolio and Best of... albums have clickable links below each photo that respectively take you to the original image in context, and the start of the original album.
  • Send us some Feedback - the link at the bottom right of each album/photo should create a new message in your email package with the album/photo details copied into the subject line.
  • You can view all photos within an album as an automatic full-screen slideshow - click the Show button at the top.